Wrath of the Lich King Classic 70-80 Dungeon Leveling

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is coming out in a matter of months, and players are hyped for the new changes to Classic WOTLK. Wrath of the Lich King is Blizzard’s cornerstone expansion boasting the most concurrent players back in 2007 with an epic conclusion to the Arthas Menethil (Lich King) story. Wrath of the Lich King Classic will bring back those difficult but exciting Northrend dungeons with the epic Raid “The Icecrown Citadel.” So to get you geared and ready, you must do the first step, which is to hit level 80. This WotLK Classic leveling guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to level up in Wrath of the Lich King so that you can get those achievements and be gear ready for the exciting raids.

Leveling In WoW WotLK Classic - A Brief Look At Changes

During Wrath of the Lich King Classic, players can expect small but powerful changes to early-game leveling. These leveling changes will include but are not limited to:
●Increased health and mana pools during low-level questing
●Lowered the level requirement for riding from 30-20
●Changed the cost of riding to 5 gold for a basic mount
●Increased uncommon, rare, and epic gear drops
●Increased Damage of Spells and abilities
●Made tanking easier for most classes for early-late game dungeons
●Healers won’t be out of mana every time they cast one spell (reduced mana costs and increased mana regeneration)
●Increased number of flight paths throughout Azeroth
●Streamlined quests in certain regions
●Lowered the damage of most mobs throughout Azeroth and Outland

Those are just a few changes from TBC classic to WOTLK classic making leveling easier than ever before, so if you were considering playing WoW but hated the leveling experience, this will be your new chance to level a character. If you’re interested in what will be different in WOTLK Classic, check out What We Know about Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

WotLK Leveling from 70-80

Leveling from 70 to 80 requires a bit of patience, at least; this goes without saying, as most expansions can take the average player 2-3 weeks to hit the max level. This guide will show you the best ways to level up so that even if you are a casual (no shade thrown here, you play the game at your own pace), you can level in under a week by following these steps. Now conventionally, you will have two paths that you can do to hit max level the fastest way possible, and those are:
We will review both to get you the most options for your leveling style.

WotLK Leveling to 80 Through Dungeons

Dungeons, like TBC, are players' “go-to” fastest way to level up while equipping some of the most powerful gear for their level. We will review each dungeon level requirement and show you the most optimal route to get you to 80. The Dungeon route is designed to get you to 80 purely through dungeons without worrying about quests or experiencing the Northrend Zones.

We recommend this path for more experienced players who want to hit the end game fast. If you are new, we recommend reading over the dungeon-level layout but don’t recommend spamming dungeons because you will miss out on some entertaining and lore-filled quests throughout Northrend. Without further ado, let’s get into the dungeon list.

Utgarde Keep

Utgarde Keep is the first dungeon you should do from level 68 to 71. We recommend Utgarde Keep as the experience gained throughout the dungeon is substantial without having too much resistance.

The Nexus

The Nexus is the second dungeon you should do from 71-72. The Nexus takes a while and is slightly more difficult as the magic damage is substantial compared to Utgarde Keep and should only be spammed from 71-73(max). The Nexus is in Borean Tundra or, more specifically, Coldarra.

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Once you have reached 72 (or 73), you should enter Ajzol-Nerub; this dungeon is great due to the AoE potential (Massive exp) and easy enough boss mechanics for low gear. The downside to Ajzol-Nerub is the entry room; this room can be off-putting as it kills off most low-geared players if pulled incorrectly, as well as the final boss in that it takes a long time to down him with his annoying underground mechanic. You can continue this dungeon until you reach level 75.

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom is an optional dungeon; you can enter it at 73 and get to level 75, which is the same as Ajzol-Nerub. Choosing between these two dungeons depends on personal preference, but most players will opt for Ajzol-Nerub as it clears faster.

Drak’Tharon Keep

Drak’Tharon Keep is the next dungeon which is not optional. Drak’Tharon Keep is usually a go-to for power farming as there are loads of mobs with little “Cut scene” type delays. The loot in Drak’Tharon Keep will get you strong enough for the next dungeons. We recommend 75-76.

Violet Hold

Violet hold is controversial because it has a lot of downtime between fights making for less exp. We recommend 76-78. As a side benefit, Violet Hold is in Dalaran, where you can purchase flying once you reach 77.

The Culling of Stratholme

The Culling of Stratholme is the best dungeon to farm out experience, and we recommend being level 78. You will farm The Culling of Stratholme till level 80. The gear from The Culling of Stratholme is great for early-game heroics and will sustain you throughout gear replacement.

If you follow these dungeons, you will be able to reach 80 in no time; we recommend finding a group of friends or guildies to run as a consistent group.

WotLK Leveling to Level 80 Through Questing

We recommend doing the zones in the following order to make sure you max out your potential experience earned throughout the zones.
●Howling Fjord (68–72)
●Borean Tundra (68–72)
●Dragonblight (71–74)
●Grizzly Hillsides (73–75)
●Zul’Drak (74–77)
●Sholazar Basin (76–78)
●The Storm Peaks (77–80)
●Crystalsong Forest (77–80)
●Hrothgar’s Landing (77–80)
●Icecrown (77–80)

There are exceptions to this rule, but we recommend following this guideline to give you the most efficient farming routes. Levels 77-80 are completely subjective to your tastes, so you choose the zone you wish to level in, but we recommend Icecrown for the fastest leveling zone. Remember, if you don’t have gold to buy flying, check out our store to get you geared up and ready for WOTLK Classic.


That does it for our leveling guide; we hope you enjoyed it; if you did, check out our other articles here. If you’re struggling with gold or don’t like farming, save yourself time and effort and buy some wotlk classic gold with our cheap deals in our store. As always, Happy Leveling!