10 Best WOTLK Classic Addons and How to Install Them

With the release of the WOTLK Classic in just under a month, players are gearing up and getting their characters ready for the new expansion. But their characters aren’t the only things getting ready for WOTLK players are getting their games prepared too. This article will cover all the necessary WOTLK Classic add-ons to help you adventure through the Icy tundras of Northrend.

What is an Add-on for WotLK Classic?

So before we get into this list of addons, we should go over what addons can do for you. Addons are simple modifications to your World of Warcraft client, which enable all sorts of effects ranging from bag changes to raid boss mechanic warnings. These add-ons are widely used throughout the WoW community and will almost always be used for raiding.
Addons can improve your life in many ways, and we recommend these add-ons below. Speaking of in-game life improvements, check out our store below for our great discounts and deals on wotlk classic gold to make your life easier.

10 Best WOTLK Classic Addons

Here is our list of best WOTLK Addons; below the list, we will show you how to install these addons and how to keep them up to date.

Rare Scanner

Starting with a nice and easy addon that we think will have a lot of use throughout WOTLK Classic is Rare Scanner. Rare Scanner allows you to locate rare monsters in your vicinity; these rare mobs may have a chance of dropping toys/mounts and epic or rare equipment. Nothing too special about it, but it can be a good addon for leveling and late-game collectibles - a definite keep for this list.


Recount is the ultimate in terms of DPS and Heal meter addons. This list wouldn’t be complete without using this addon as it provides uses outside of measuring DPS and Healing. Recount is useful in that it allows players to see what abilities are performing well, what ones aren’t, and how they can maximize their DPS in boss fights. There is another benefit for raid leaders as well; you can see who is slacking in terms of damage during a raid and try to teach your raid members what abilities they should focus on maximizing DPS. Recount is a must-have addon in WOTLK Classic.

Big Debuff

Big Debuff is an add-on that helps visualize crowd control effects (CC) more robustly. Big Debuff makes it onto this list because of its flexibility of usage from PvP - Arenas and PvE to Dungeons/Raids. Big Debuff is a well-recognized and respected add-on for beginners to understand what CC effects look like and their respective timings.


Auctionator is among the most used Addons in World of Warcraft Retail and WOTLK Classic for its brilliance in assisting players in using the auction house more effectively. The Auctionator allows you to see the lowest selling price of an item on the Auction House without having to scroll through 100 pages. Along with this, it shows the average price, and players will use this information to see what is trending in the Auction house and when to hold specific items for later use. Auctionator is a must-have add-on for WOTLK Classic.

Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus is an add-on that is useful for a variety of reasons. Let’s go over a few of those reasons quick:
●Auto sells grey items from bags
●Automatically picks up quests from NPCs
●Automatically hands in quests upon completion to NPCs
●Has optionality to turn on auto repair
●Allows for further zooming for better viewpoints

Leaxtrix Plus combines a bunch of add-ons wrapped in one easy-to-use add-on with a friendly UI. We highly recommend using this add-on for both leveling and late-game farming. If you want a guide on leveling up during WOTLK, check out our guide here.

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Bagnon is a simple add-on with friendly UI changes to the player characters' bags. No more multiple bag tabs but rather one single bag inventory screen. This add-on isn’t necessary but an ease-of-life one with a few little UI changes we think you’ll like.

Ability Team Tracker

Ability Team Tracker or ATT is an add-on mostly used by raid leaders on progressive raiding; however, it can be extremely useful in paired Arena/PvP battlegrounds. This add-on allows you to track your team’s abilities and cooldowns. As you can imagine, seeing when your arena partners CC’s are up or down can lead to major changes between winning or losing a fight. We highly recommend this add-on if you will be leading raids or doing high-end competitive PVP.

Atlas Loot

Atlas Loot is a must-have for all players who are looking to see where their next gear upgrade is. Atlas Loot lets you see what dungeon mobs/bosses drop, choosing which dungeon to focus on for your next upgrade. No more asking in chat and feeling foolish; you can see where your next pieces are from this simple add-on.


OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items/spells/abilities on cooldown to indicate when they'll be ready for use. It’s a simple addon that helps you time abilities and gets a feel of cool-down timers and combo abilities. OmniCC is a must-have for all PvP and Arena players.

DBM - Deadly Boss Mods

Last but not least is quite possibly the most important addon of all; DBM (Deadly Boss Mods). This addon is fairly straightforward; it alerts when bosses are making specific attacks and how to counter them. DBM is a must-have for all raiders, providing a useful framework for those new to raids to beat the bosses.

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How To Install WotLK Classic Addons

Now that we have our list completed let’s look at how we can install and update the mods.

Step 1. Download Curseforge

Step 2. Select World of Warcraft

Step 3. Choose the mods you’d like to install (make sure you select the right WoW Version at the top right corner)

Step 4. Click install and maintain on the main page for updates.

Install Addons for WotLK Classic Manually

If you don’t wish to use Curseforge or are playing on a private server, it’s simple to install add-ons manually. You will download your chosen mod and locate your World of Warcraft folder. Once you locate your World of Warcraft folder, go into Interface and then paste your addon into the addons folder. Once you have done that, open your WoW and click add-ons in the character selection screen; make sure to enable all your new addons, and you should be done. With manual installation, however, ensure that you keep your addons up to date with each patch to your server.


We hope you enjoyed our list of Add-ons for the WOTLK Classic; if you did, check out our other WotLK Classic News and Guides. Suppose you want to make your life a lot easier as WOTLK releases; check out our store for excellent deals on gold, boosts, and equipment to get you ahead of the tier. As always, happy gaming!