WoW Wotlk Classic Blacksmithing Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive WoW Classic WOTLK Blacksmithing guide that will show you how you can level up your blacksmith profession, about the best races and specialisation, and at last the best weapon a blacksmith must have. Let’s start.

Is Blacksmithing good in WotLK Classic?

Blacksmithing is a valuable and lucrative World of Warcraft profession. Plate, mail, axe, mace, sword, and shield users can manufacture their own gear. Ulduar and ToC drop some of the best BoE plate smithing patterns. Smiths can make profitable gear additions.

At level max, tanks can create Titansteel Shield Wall, Indestructible Plate Girdle, and Saronite Swordbreakers. Spiked Titansteel Treads and Titanium Razorplate are for DPS, while Brilliant Titansteel Treads are for healers. These will help any spec prepare for harder raids. All smiths can make Eternal Belt Buckle and Titanium Weapon Chain, which are offered on the AH.

Mining is associated with Blacksmithing because it gathers expensive resources. Despite sharing the same raw mats as Engineering, at level 450 the cost of materials is often exorbitant if you don't gather them yourself, but the price you can sell created goods for is nearly always worth it.


Blacksmithing, like other professions, gives players two ways to specialise their crafting skills: Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing.
Choosing was very important in Vanilla and TBC, but with the release of WotLK, Blizzard has made it much less important. The choice is most useful when you are levelling, since each can make good level 78 gear, or when you want to make gear for alts or twinks with lower levels.


Armorsmithing, as the name suggests, is mostly about making mail armour and plate armour. Horde smiths need to find Aturk the Anvil in Orgrimmar and take The Old Ways to start the chain.
Grumnus Steelshaper in Ironforge makes The Art of the Armorsmith, which is the same thing for the Alliance. Armorsmithing in WotLK lets players make the Legplates and Chest Plates of Conquest.


At first, Weaponsmithing was split into three sub-fields: Axe Smithing, Hammersmithing, and Swordsmithing. Even though these differences are still important if you want to make vintage gear, they aren't as important as they used to be. This is similar to how specialisations have become less important over time.
All gear made after TBC that requires the Weaponsmithing specialisation does not require you to have chosen between Axe, Hammer, and Sword.

Find Borgosh Corebender in Orgrimmar and start The Way of the Weaponsmith to start the general Weaponsmithing chain. Talking to Ironus Coldsteel in Ironforge is the first step of The Way of the Weaponsmith for the Alliance.
In WotLK, the Weaponsmithing skill lets players make the Corroded Saronite Edge, the Corroded Saronite Woundbringer, and the Saronite Mindcrusher.

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How to level Blacksmithing in Wotlk classic?

Let’s take a look at how you can level your blacksmithing profession to the max. The following is a levelling plan that you can follow step by step to smoothen the process.

Apprentice Blacksmithing (1-75)

1 – 30: Rough Sharpening Stone: Make Rough Sharpening Stone from Rough Stone.
30 – 65: Rough Grinding Stone: Transform Rough Stone into Rough Grinding Stone.
65 – 75: Copper Chain Belt: Make Copper Chain Belt from copper bars.

Journeyman Blacksmithing (75 – 125)

75 – 87: Coarse Grinding Stone: Transform Coarse Stone into Coarse Grinding Stone.
87 – 100: Runed Copper Belt: Make Runed Copper Belt from copper bars.
100 – 105: Silver Rod: Mix Silver Bar and Rough Grinding Stone to make Silver Rod.
105 – 125: Rough Bronze Leggings: Transform Bronze Bar into Rough Bronze Leggings.

Expert Blacksmithing (125 – 200)

125 – 150: Heavy Grinding Stone: Convert Heavy Stone into Heavy Grinding Stone.
150 – 155: Goldenrod: Mix Gold Bar and Coarse Grinding Stone to make GoldenRod.
155 – 165: Green Iron Leggings:
1. Iron Bar + Heavy Grinding Stone + Green Dye = Green Iron Leggings.
2. Buy Green dye from the vendors.
165 – 190: Green Iron Bracers: MixIron Bar and Green Dye into Green Iron Bracers.
190 – 200: Golden Scale Bracers: Use Steel Bar and Heavy Grinding Stone to make Golden Scale Bracers.

Artisan Blacksmithing (200 – 275)

200 – 205: Truesilver Rod: Transform Truesilver Bar and Heavy Grinding Stone into Truesilver Rod.
205 – 210: Solid Grinding Stone: Use Solid Stone to make Solid Grinding Stone.
210–225: Mithril Gauntlets, Heavy
Make a Heavy Mithril Gauntlet by putting together a Mithril Bar and Mageweave Cloth.

225-235: Mithril Scale Bracers: Mithril Bar can be turned into Mithril Scale Bracers.
235–250: Mithril Coif: Mithril Coif is made with Mithril Bar and Mageweave Cloth.
250 – 260: Dense Sharpening Stone: Transform Dense Stone into Dense Sharpening Stone .
260–275: Thorium Bracers: Thorium Bracers are made from Thorium Bar.

Master Blacksmithing (300 – 350)

275 – 280: Arcanite Rod: Arcanite Rod can be made by putting together an Arcanite Bar and a Dense Grinding Stone.
280 – 290: Imperial Plate Bracers: Use to make the Thorium Bar Imperial Plate Bracers.
290–300: Thorium Helm: To make a Thorium Helm, you'll need a Thorium Bar and a Star Ruby.
300 – 305: Fel Weightstone: Fel Weight Stone is made from Fel Iron Bar and Netherweave Cloth.
305 to 315: The Fel Iron Plate Belt: Change Fel Iron Bar into Fel Iron Plate Belt.

315–320: Felt Chain Gloves Made of Iron: To make Fel Iron Chain Gloves, you'll need Fel Iron Bar.
320–325: The Fel Iron Plate Boots: To make Fel Iron Plate Boots, you'll need Fel Iron Bar.
325 to 330: Lesser Rune of Warding: Make a Lesser Rune of Warding out of an Adamantite Bar.
330–335: Iron Felt Breastplate: To make Fel Iron Breastplate, you'll need Fel Iron Bar.
335 – 340: Adamantite Cleaver: To make an Adamantite Cleaver, you need an Adamantite Bar.
340 to 350: Lesser Ward of Shielding: Make a Lesser Ward of Shielding out of an Adamantite Bar.

Grand Master Blacksmithing (350 – 450)

350 – 360: Cobalt Boots: Convert Cobalt Bar into either Cobalt Boots or Cobalt Belt.
360–370: Cobalt Triangle Shield: You can make a Cobalt Triangle Shield or Cobalt Bracers from a Cobalt Bar.
370 – 375: Cobalt Helm: To make Cobalt Legplates or a Cobalt Helm, you need a Cobalt Bar.
375 – 380: Cobalt Gauntlets: Turn a Cobalt Bar into a pair of Cobalt Gauntlets.
380 – 385: Spiked Cobalt Boots: To make Spiked Cobalt Boots, you need a Cobalt Bar.

385 – 390: Sure-fire Shuriken: Use Cobalt Bar to make Sure-Fire Shuriken.
390–395: Cobalt War Axe with Notches: Change Cobalt Bar into Notched Cobalt War Axe.
395 – 400: Brilliant Saronite Belt: You can make a Brilliant Saronite Belt by putting together a Cobalt Bar and a Saronite Bar.
400–405: Horned Cobalt Helmet: To make a Horned Cobalt Helmet, you need a Cobalt Bar.
405–415: The Deadly Saronite Dirk: Make Deadly Saronite Dirk by putting together a Saronite Bar and Crystallised Air.

415 – 425: Eternal Belt Buckle: You can make an Eternal Belt Buckle by putting together a Saronite Bar, Eternal Earth, Eternal Water, and Eternal Shadow.
425 to 430: Titanium Weapon Chain: You can make a Titanium Weapon Chain by putting together a Saronite Bar and a Titanium Bar.
430 – 435: Savage Saronite Hauberk: To make Savage Saronite Hauberk, you need a Saronite Bar and Eternal Earth.
435 – 440: Daunting Legplates: Make Daunting Legplates out of the Saronite Bar and the Eternal Earth.

After skill level 440, you can cap in two ways. First, craft Daunting Legplates till 445, then epic gear. While this saves time and gold on resources, epic gear may be worth the cost.
To achieve 450, construct epic goods. This is achievable and profitable if you work smartly. Focusing on the cheaper epics will help you cap faster.

The epic armour, shield, and Titansteel Spellblade require the following materials. From here, it's up to you to analyse your server's economy and determine which will have the highest payout when constructed.
440 – 450: Epic Armour: Keep farming for Daunting Legplates and some epic gear.

Level 450 unlocks a new tier of epic armour. These sets require Runed Orb from Ulduar or Crusader Orb from ToC, while earlier components required Frozen Orb from Heroic dungeons.
Both sets of gear are BoE and may be sold on the AH to plate wearers looking to level and start up before raiding.

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Best Wotlk Blacksmithing Weapon

To make things with blacksmithing, you need to use a stationary Anvil. There are many Anvils in Northrend, most of them in the larger towns. Most of the time, there will be anvils near Blacksmithing or Engineering trainers.
A Hammer is also needed by blacksmiths. Even though you don't have to wear it, it must be in your inventory.

You will also need to farm a lot of other things to make Blacksmithed items. Most of these items can be found through mining, but a few can be found through other jobs, drops, or vendors. If you don't know how to mine, you can buy the materials you need at the Auction House or buy WotLK items you need from our site..


That's all of WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Guide, mates! You can visit WoW Classic WotLK Engineering Guide to know more about WotLK Engineering. We've also shared Best WOTLK Classic Addons in another guide, check that out to learn more. Alright, all the best. See you soon! Bye!