Wrath of the Lich King Classic Flying - All You Need To Know

Flying in any MMO RPG is the final step in many players' movements. In World of Warcraft, TBC expansion, flying was necessary to get into some dungeons/raids. Still, outside of that, players only used flying for a faster leveling/movement experience. However, Wrath of the Lich King has zones specifically required for flying and is recommended/needed to complete certain quests.

Since there are no changes to flying in WOTLK Classic yet, so this WotLK Classic flying guide mainly covers wotlk flying. In this article, we will go over everything that has to do with flying in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, from how costly it is to free mounts and even the differences between flying in TBC and WOTLK.

Flying In World of Warcraft

If you're new to WoW or used to current content, you may not know how previous expansions worked to get flying for your character. For the purposes of this article, we will quickly go over the flying changes in TBC and WOTLK. In TBC, you had to learn a new flying skill, similar to how you would learn to ride a regular mount, but everything changed.
In WOTLK, you had to learn flying from a trainer but also required Cold Weather Flying to fly in Northrend. Note that flying in Azeroth was still unavailable until Cataclysm (The next WoW Expansion).

Differences Between TBC and WOTLK Flying

Believe it or not, flying got major changes between TBC and WOTLK to cater to the need for flying in Wrath of the Lich King; let’s go over a few of the changes:

TBC Flying

●60% Base Movement Speed with a cost of 800 gold
●Basic Flying Mount Costs 100 gold
●Epic Flying (280% Movement Speed) with a cost of 5000 gold
●Epic Flying Mount Costs 1000 gold
●Can Only Purchase Basic Ground Mounts At Level 30

WOTLK Flying

●It has a base speed of 150%, up from TBC’s 60% Base Speed
●Basic Flying Costs 1000 gold with mounts costing between 20-100 gold (not confirmed at this point)
●Epic Flying (280% Movement Speed) costs 4,2k gold
●Cold Weather Flying (Necessary to fly in Northrend) costs 1000 gold (Changeable with reputation)
●Can Purchase Basic Ground Mounts At Level 20 (costs four gold for training and one gold for the mount).

As you can see, Blizzard placed more emphasis on Mounting earlier with cheaper costs and lower-level requirements once WOTLK was released. If you are struggling with WotLK Classic gold and don't have the patience to grind it out, check out our store for great deals on gold exchanges tailored for your server.

Northrend Flying

In Northrend, as we briefly discussed, flying will have different requirements, namely Cold Weather Flying.
Cold Weather Flying has an initial cost of 1k gold and can influence the price by reputation. The higher your reputation, the lower the cost of flying. On top of Cold Weather Flying, you must have basic flying and a basic flying mount.

Northrend Flying, is it Worth it?

The simple answer is yes. Flying is very much worth it in Northrend as you may only complete most quests by reaching the tops of mountains or places ground mounts will struggle to get there. On top of that, if you’re into professions (Which in WOTLK you should be), flying allows for the fastest way of gathering herbs and mines throughout the regions (Specifically Icecrown, Sholaza Basin, and Storm Peaks).

Most players will be gunning for the daily quests in Icecrown, which are necessary to complete with a flying mount. These reasons alone make flying an absolute necessity during WOTLK.

Free Flying in Northrend

You may know about this little hidden gem if you’ve played Wrath of the Lich King before. In Storm Peaks, there is an NPC in K3 where you get quests. If you speak to Honest Max, he will loan you a basic flying mount that you can use throughout Storm Peaks, Icecrown and Sholazar Basin. If you know anything about farming materials throughout Northrend, you may know that these 3 locations are some of the prime spots for farming mines and herbs. It benefits your professions and allows you to complete the quests that require flying (of which there are a few).

Free Flying has its negatives, however, in that you are locked to flying in those 3 locations, and it is a slow mount (150%). You will be out-farmed by players almost 100% of the time with the 280% faster flying. The locked-in three zones aren’t the only negative, as the borrowed mount will take a slot in your inventory as it works differently from regular mounts. Please note that all mounts in WOTLK will now be stored in a separate mount tab, which will make players' bags less cluttered with all the mounts. This also comes with a separate pet tab, which works similarly to the new mount tab.

On the whole, the borrowed mount from Honest Max is something you should pick up for your alts or if you’re struggling with gold is a perfect way to keep up to date with current content. You need to be level 77 to get this mount, so make sure you enter Storm Peaks at 77, or you won’t receive the mount.


WOTLK is one of the most anticipated expansions to release in 10 years. Every player will be getting their hands on this expansion, and servers will be getting the much-needed player count revival. We hope you enjoyed this WotLK Classic flying guide on all things related to flying in Northrend; if you don’t want to farm out gold, check out our store to save time and money through our special deals. Keep checking our WotLK Classic news section for more guides to save you time and confusion as you conquer the lands of Northrend. As always, happy Flying!