WOTLK Classic Priest Leveling Guide

So you’re thinking of maining a Priest during WOTLK Classic? Good choice, Priests are some of the best healers and Ranged DPS(Damage Per Second) Classes during WOTLK Classic. This guide will cover how to level up any type of priest, builds, and everything relating to Priests. If you don’t fancy playing a Priest, you can check out our WotLK Classic guide on leveling up during WOTLK Classic.

How is Priest from TBC to WOTLK Classic?

The Priest class is often the go-to healer class of any MMO RPG, and with WoW, the same can be said. The Priest is the class for you if you’re looking to heal groups/raids or find a duo/trio partnership in the arena.
Specifically to WOTLK, Priests were in a great position as they received many heal and mana regeneration buffs, sending them to the top of the charts for healing during raids and dungeons. Holy Priest has a few new abilities that make for fantastic main tank healers and great supportive AoE healing.

As for Discipline Priest during WOTLK will have access to greater Shields and Heals than their predecessors in TBC Classic, making them the ultimate duo for the Arena PvP. Lastly, Shadow Priests during WOTLK got buffed from their previous titles of “Mana-Battery” in TBC. Their damage is now on the level of Warlocks and other DoT (Damage over Time abilities) classes, and with their new AoE “Mind Flay,” Shadow Priest can contend with AoE fights as well.
So many buffs and fine-tuning from TBC make Priest a viable and quite popular pick in WOTLK Classic.

Priest - WOTLK Healers

Priest in WOTLK is relatively easy to play during Raids and Dungeons; that being said, leveling up a Priest can be a chore. Their damage is sub-par and can require minutes to kill a single mob, let alone a group of them or a boss mob. That is why we will show you the best way to level up a Priest to get to max level as soon as possible to get to the late game, where you will shine.

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Leveling a Holy Priest in WOTLK Classic

As previously mentioned, Holy Priest leveling can be a chore; as a result, we recommend doing 1 of 3 things.
1.At level 30, you’re legible to gain dual specializations, enabling you to run two builds at any given time, with a simple click of a button, and you’re another talent specialization. We recommend the combination of Holy Priest for dungeons and Shadow Priest for outdoor questing.

2.Solely doing dungeons; this one is a bit more obvious but tricky as removing the dungeon finder means you can no longer sit in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and find a dungeon.
3.Get a group of friends/guild mates to help you with quests. This one is a no-brainer as having a Priest follow you around is a big plus for any class, allowing for easy AoE pulls and easy boss kills.

Holy Priest Leveling Build

We will review a quick breakdown of a build you will run throughout your leveling experience. Remember, if you dual spec into Shadow Priest, use the Shadow Priest build below as your secondary talent set.
We recommend taking a few of the Discipline talents early on as they provide great utility for most questing zones; otherwise, follow this build for the best leveling experience as a Holy Priest.

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Leveling a Shadow Priest in WOTLK Classic

Shadow Priest is the damage specialization for Priest, so they will not have trouble with quests and bosses; however, they will not be able to solo heal a dungeon as their talents cannot make up for the healing lost. We recommend these two options for Shadow Priest leveling:

1.Dual-Specialization; Dual-spec allows you to change to Holy Priest or Discipline Priest for easy dungeon clears while allowing versatility in solo outdoor questing as Shadow Priest.
2.Farming AoE spots; thankfully, during WOTLK Classic, Shadow Priests got a huge boon to their AoE damage capabilities, making them viable in Solo AoE grinds. We recommend farming a group of mobs one level lower while completing quests for extra experience.

Shadow Priest Leveling Build

Below is our recommended Shadow Priest Build for leveling.
This build comes highly recommended as you will have the utility options (Mana regeneration and escapes), but we suggest getting the Discipline talents early on for added utility.

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Leveling a Discipline Priest in WOTLK Classic

Leveling a Discipline Priest in WOTLK Classic is far better than its predecessor, “TBC Classic.” This means you will see damage buffs and more survivability through increased utility (Bigger Shields and Pain Suppression). Discipline Priest isn’t the greatest in terms of damage; however, they can easily go through quests on their own; as a result, there are two suggestions we can give to level up as fast as possible as a Discipline Priest.

1.Dual Specialization; Just like with Holy Priest, we recommend dual specialization for Discipline run alongside Shadow Priest for faster quest completion; again, this step is completely optional as Discipline Priest can solo most content.
2.Dungeons - Dungeons can be easily run as a Discipline Priest, so there is no need to change builds or specialization. Doing dungeons is great for gaining gear relevant to your level and massive experience bonuses. Before going into dungeons,s make sure to pick up all quests relating to the dungeon you’re in for the added experience.

Discipline Priest Leveling Build

Below we have a build that we recommend following early on.
Unlike the others, we recommend staying in Discipline talents early on and only going into Holy a little later for the added healing bonuses. Keep in mind that if you wish to dual spec early on (Level 30 minimum), you should run the Shadow Priest build we have shown you above, but again it’s only personal preference as you can happily solo any mob in the game as a Discipline Priest.


The Priest is one of the greatest classes for healing during WOTLK Classic; we highly recommend trying them if you haven’t, and follow this guide to help you get to 80 as painlessly as possible. If you enjoyed this guide, check out our other ones for more insightful looks into your favorite classes. If you don’t want to spend hours grinding to 80, check out our store for great deals on boosts and wow classic wotlk gold. Thanks for reading, and Happy Healing!