ProductName: Defiler’s Scourgestone * 60
Price: $200.00

Defiler’s Scourgestone * 60

Time: 1 days
Defiler’s Scourgestone is a currency that drops in Titan Rune Gamma dungeons. Then, once you get enough of this currency, you can head to Korralin Hoperender in the Alliance area of Dalaran or Kolara Dreamsmasher in the Horde area to buy 245-item-level Trail of the Crusader 25-man gear. 
If you are tired of the grind for those elusive Scourgestones, our Scourgestone boost is designed to fast-track your progress. We know how daunting it can be to slog through Titan Rune Gamma dungeons, which is why we offer a streamlined service to get you the Scourgestones you crave.
Whether you’re aligned with the Alliance or the Horde, our WotLK Dungeon boost is customized to fit your needs. We prioritize a seamless and secure process, delivering the Scourgestones you need for top-tier Trail of the Crusader 25-man gear.

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