WotLK Classic Inscription Leveling Guide

Want to know how you can level your Inscription profession to the highest in WotLK Classic? Or not sure which class to use to perfect your Inscription profession? Worry not. This Wotlk classic Inscription leveling guide will solve all your problems. We start off with the basic but essential question…

What is Inscription in WotLK Classic?

In Wrath of the Lich King Classic, the Inscription profession is brand new, so there is a lot to talk about. Scribes can make Glyphs, as well as shoulder, enchants, off-hand items, Darkmoon Cards, Enchanting Vellums, and other valuable items, by milling herbs into different pigments, turning those pigments into inks, and mixing them with Parchments bought from a vendor.

As you very well know, Inscription is a new profession in this expansion; that’s why scribes will need to learn it at level 1 and level it up to 350 to be ready for techniques from the Northrend era. There are different levels of Inscription trainers in different places; Apprentice through Artisan in Azeroth, Master in Outland/Burning Crusade; Grand Master in Northrend/Wrath of the Lich King.

Trainers teach up to the highest level technique for their range, so the Azeroth trainers will have all techniques up to the end of Artisan, but not Master or Grand Master techniques. Master trainers have all the recipes through the end of Master, but not Grand Master. Grand Masters, on the other hand, have all the recipes that can be trained.

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What are the best races to learn WotLK Classic Inscription?

Tauren has Cultivation, which gives them an extra 15 points in Herbalism. Even though it doesn't increase the yield, it helps you pick higher-level herbs before other races. There are no races in WotLK that are better at Inscription. That won't happen until Battle for Azeroth when the Nightborne allied race is added.

All classes can get the most out of Inscription because most of the items it makes are helpful for all classes. Used to make Darkmoon trinkets, Darkmoon cards Darkmoon Card: Berserker!, Darkmoon Card: Greatness, Darkmoon Card: Illusion, and Darkmoon Card: Death are all great cards, but they are also BoE, so knowing Inscription won't help you in any way. Druids have a slight advantage when it comes to herbalism because they can pick herbs while in flight form.

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How to Level Inscription in WotLK Classic?

The list below shows the minimum number of materials you'll need to finish this levelling path. As you get to yellow or, even worse, green difficulty levels, you may have more than one combination per level. You will need to buy some things. Depending on how lucky you are with the random number generator (RNG), you may need a little more or a little less of each item:

-Keep the Virtuoso Inking Set in your inventory
-60x Light Parchment
-Common Parchment 70x
-105x A Common Piece of Paper
-150x Resilient Parchment

You must have at least the following herbs. You can mix and match these herbs in any way you want, as long as the number is a multiple of 5. You have the best chance of getting the Uncommon pigment as well as the Common pigment if you use the green-coloured herbs:

-125 times Earthroot, Peace Flower, and Silverleaf.
-75 times Mageroyal, Stranglekelp, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, and Swiftthistle
-175x Grave Moss, Wild Steelbloom, Kingsblood, Liferoot
-180x Wintersbite, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar's Whisker
-245x Arthas' Tears, Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Sunglass, Bindweed, Ghost Mushroom, and Gromsblood
-125 times Plaguebloom, Golden Sansam, Icecap, Mountain Silversage, and Dreamfoil
-180x Dreaming Glory, Felweed, Ragveil, Terocone, Ancient Lichen, Mana Thistle, Netherbloom, and Nightmare Vine.
-500 Deadnettle, Fire Leaf, Goldclover, Talandra's Rose, Adder's Tongue, Icethorn, and Lichbloom.

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After collecting all the WotLK Classic items above, get started with the levelling process by following the guide given below.

Apprentice Inscription
Level 1 - 18: 17x Ivory Ink - 17 Alabaster Pigment
Level 18 - 35: 17 Scrolls of Endurance, each with 17 Ivory Ink and 17 Light Parchment
Level 35 - 53: 22x Moonglow Ink - 44 Alabaster Pigment
Level 53 - 75: 22 pieces of Armour Vellum: 22 Moonglow Ink, 44 Light Parchment

Journeyman Inscription
Level 75 - 80: 21x Midnight Ink - 42 Dusky Pigment
Level 80 - 100: 20 times "Glyph of..." - 20 Midnight Ink, 20 Light Parchment
Make any Glyph that you think looks orange. After 10 points here, Glyphs turn yellow. You can then learn new recipes and choose another Glyph.
Level 100 - 105: 40x Lion's Ink - 80 Golden Pigment
If you didn't get to 105 by making these, make any orange Glyph.
Level 105–125: 20 times [Glyph of] 20 Lion's Ink, 20 Regular Paper

Make any Glyph that you think looks orange. Your goal should always be to make glyphs while they are orange. After 5 points, Glyphs turn yellow, and you can learn new recipes and choose a different Glyph.

Expert Inscription
Level 125 - 130: Make Dawnstar Ink from your Burnt Pigment. If you didn't grind your own herbs and don't have Burnt Pigment, you can make any orange Glyph you want.
Level 130–147: 17x [Symbol of] 17 Lion's Ink, 17 Regular Paper
Make any Glyph that you think looks orange. After 5 and 10 points, the glyphs here turn yellow, so you have to keep learning new ones.

Level 147 - 150: Make Strange Tarot cards until you get to level 150. It depends on how much Dawnstar Ink you have.
Level 150 - 155: 47x Emerald Pigment Jadefire Ink
Level 155–195: 40 times [Glyph of] 40 Jadefire Ink, 40 Regular Paper
Make Glyphs in orange. Every 5 points, you have to learn a new one. If you have any Indigo Pigment, turn it all into Royal Ink at level 175.

Level 195–200: 7 times [Glyph of] - 7 Jadefire Ink, 7 Regular Paper
Make any Glyph that you think should be YELLOW. For this part, there won't be any orange Glyphs. If you made Royal Ink in the last step, make as many Arcane Tarot as you can.
Levels 200 - 205: 55x Celestial Ink - 110 Violet Pigment
Levels 205–245: 40x [Glyph of...]: 40 Heavenly Ink, 40 Heavy Parchment
Make Glyphs until they turn yellow, and then find out how to make new ones.
At 225, change all of your Ruby Pigment into Fiery Ink.

Artisan Inscription
Levels 245–250: 5x Weapon Vellum II: 5x Fiery Ink, 5x Celestial Ink, 10x Heavy Parchment
If you didn't make Fiery Ink in the previous step or don't have 5 of it, make any yellow Glyph.
Levels 250–255: 20–35x Glittering Ink–40–70 Silvery Pigment
If you grind your herbs, you will probably need less ink because you can make a few Ink of the Sky from your rare pigments between 275 and 295.

Levels 255–260: 5x Scroll of Spirit V: 5 Shimmering Ink and 10 Heavy Parchment
Levels 260–275: 15 times [Glyph of] - 30 Sparkling Ink, 30 Thick Paper
Make Glyphs until they turn yellow, and then find out how to make new ones.
Levels 275 - 290: 15x Ink of the Sky - 15 Sapphire Pigment
If you didn't grind your herbs or don't have 15 Sapphire Pigments, you need to make more orange Glyphs.

Master Inscription
Level 290 to 305: 45x Ethereal Ink 90 Nether Pigment
Level 305–350: 45 times [Glyph of] - 45 Resilient Paper, 45 Ethereal Ink
Make Glyphs until they turn yellow, and then find out how to make new ones.
Level 350-355: 90x Ink of the Sea - 180 Azure Pigment

Level 355–360: 5x Scroll of Spirit VII: 5 Ink of the Sea and 10 Resilient Parchment
Level 360–365: 5x Scroll of Intellect VII: 5 Ink of the Sea and 10 Resilient Parchment
Level 365–370: 5x Scroll of Strength VII: 5 Ink of the Sea and 10 Resilient Parchment
Level 370 - 375: 5 Scrolls of Agility VII: 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment
Level 375–380: Snowfall Ink or Icy Pigment

Use all the rare colours you can find. Keep the extra Snowfall Ink for research on writing in Northrend. Most "Northrend" glyphs will require you to do research.

Level 380 to 385: 7x Glyph of Focus: 7 Ink of the Sea, 7 Resilient Parchment
Level 385–386: 1x Northrend Inscription Research: 3 Sea Ink, 5 Resilient Parchment, Snowfall Ink
Level 386 to 400: 25x [Any Major Glyph Found] - 25 Sea Ink, 25 Resilient Parchment
Level 400–405: 5x Scroll of Stamina VIII: 5 Sea Ink, 10 Resilient Parchment
Level 405–410: 5x Scroll of Spirit VIII: 5 Ink of the Sea and 10 Resilient Parchment

Level 410–415: 5x Scroll of Intellect VIII: 5 Sea Ink, 10 Resilient Parchment
Level 415–420: 5x Scroll of Strength VIII: 5 Sea Ink, 10 Resilient Paper
Level 420–430: 13x Scroll of Agility VIII: 13 Sea Ink, 26 Resilient Parchment
Level 430 - 450: The best thing to do is stop levelling Inscription at around 430 and just do Northrend Inscription Research every day.


There you go. Now you can level your Inscription to the max. We have explained much more about the professions in other WotLK Classic Profession Guides. Do you know which are the Best WOTLK Classic weapons? Check out the our WotLK Classic news section to know.