WoW Classic WotLK Engineering Guide

Welcome to the WoW Classic WOTLK Engineering guide where we will explain what is Engineering, how you can level this profession from 1 to 450, and what materials you will need during the process. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into the action with the first and the most logical question…If you need WotLK Classic gold, you can click below to buy it with low price and fast delivery.

What is Engineering in WOTLK Classic?

Engineering has always been a popular profession in WoW. Engineers create gadgets, ammo, and mounts. These items can be sold on the AH or banked by a player's guild to better equip characters at all levels.
As an Engineer, you construct powerful explosives and equipment at each tier, and in the endgame, you can create some of the most valuable raid enhancements.

WotLK pre-raid Engineering emphasises ammo and ranged weapons. Once capped, engineers can create Saronite Razorheads, Mammoth Cutters, the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun, and the Nesingwary 4000. Gnomish and Goblin Engineering specialties develop Iceblade Arrow and Shatter Rounds at 450.

You construct an Epic Helmet like Armoured Titanium Goggles, Greensight Goggles, Visage Liquification Goggles, or Weakness Spectralizers, regardless of specialisation.
Engineers typically collaborate with Miners to obtain levelling supplies. As you approach capping, costs can skyrocket. Engineers can Salvage Mechanical corpses at all levels, similar to Skinning.

As we have discussed in the WOTLK Classic Warlock Guide, Engineering is the best profession for all the three specialisations of the warlock Class, and getting it levelled up will elevate the whole experience.

Materials Required for WotLK Classic Engineering

Here’s a list of all the material that you will need to level the Engineering profession:
●60x Rough Stone
●66x Copper Bar
●60x Coarse Stone
●50x Linen Cloth
●5x Silver Bar
●110x Bronze Bar - Made from 55 Copper Bar and 55 Tin Bar if you have mining.
●30x Heavy Stone
●10x Moss Agate or an extra 30 Heavy Stone (so 60 in total)
●60x Wool Cloth
●15x Medium Leather
●4x Steel Bar
●120x Solid Stone
●170x Mithril Bar
●20x Mageweave Cloth
●60x Dense Stone
●135x Thorium Bar
●35x Runecloth

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WoW Classic WotLK Engineering Leveling Guide

Listed below are all the levels and what you need to be doing in each one. Make sure to follow them by order and not to miss any, or you will have to go back again and re-do the previous few levels.
Level 1 – 20: Rough Blasting Powder- Start by Grinding Rough Stone into Rough Blasting Powder.
Level 21 – 30: Rough Dynamite- Make Rough Dynamite from Rough Blasting Powder and Linen Cloth.
Level 30 – 50: Handful of Copper Bolts- Convert Copper Bar into Handful of Copper Bolts.

Journeyman Engineering

Level 50 – 51: Arclight Spanner- Make Arclight Spanner from Copper Bolts
Level 51 – 75: Copper Tube- Use Copper Bar to make Copper Tube.
Level 75 – 90: Coarse Blasting Powder- Make Coarse Stone from Coarse Blasting Powder.
Level 90 – 100: Copper Modulator- Copper Bar + Handful of Copper Bolts + Linen Cloth = Copper Modulator.
Level 100 – 110: Silver Contact- Grind Silver Bar to Silver Contact.
Level 110 – 120: Bronze Tube- Make Bronze Tube from Bronze Bar
Level 120 – 125: Large Copper Bomb- Copper Bar + Silver Contact +Coarse Blasting Powder = Large Copper Bomb.

Expert Engineering

Level 125 – 150: Heavy Blasting Powder- Convert Heavy Stone into Heavy Blasting Powder, Make Whirring Bronze Gizmo, and Mix Bronze Bar and Wool Cloth.
Level 150 – 155: Bronze Framework- Mix Bronze Bar, Wool Cloth, and Medium Leather to create the Bronze Framework.
Level 155 – 175: Explosive Sheep- Bronze Framework + Whirring Bronze Gizmo + Heavy Blasting Powder + Wool Cloth = Explosive Sheep.
Level 175 – 176: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor- Make Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor from Steel Bar.
Level 176 – 195: Solid Blasting Powder- Convert Solid Stone into Solid Blasting Powder.
Level 195 – 200: Mithril Tube- Grind Mithril Bar into Mithril Tube.

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Artisan Engineering

Level 210 – 225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs- Transform Mithril Bar into High-Impact Mithril Slugs.
Level 225 – 235: Mithril Casing- Make Mithril Casing from Mithril Bar.
Level 235 – 245: Hi-Explosive Bomb- Mix Mithril Casing and Unstable Trigger, and create a Hi-Explosive Bomb.
Level 245 – 250: Mithril Gyro-Shot- Transmute Mithril Bar into Mithril Gyro-Shot.
Level 250 – 260: Dense Blasting Powder- Convert Dense Stone into Dense Blasting Powder.
Level 260 – 280: Thorium Widget- Thorium Bar + Runecloth = Thorium Widget.
Level 280 – 285: Thorium Tube- Thorium Bar will make Thorium Tube after conversion.
Level 285 – 300: Thorium Shells- Make Thorium Shells from Thorium Bar.

Master Engineering

Level 300 – 310: Handful of Fel Iron Bolts- Change Fel Iron Bar to Handful of Fel Iron Bolts.
Level 310 – 320: Fel Iron Casing- Make Fel Iron Casing from Fel Iron Bar, Make new Elemental Blasting Powder, and Mix Mote of Fire and Mote of Earth together.
Note: You'll also have a choice between 320 and 325. If you have too many Bolts and Casings, you might want to make a Fel Iron Musket. You'll have to buy Heavy Stock from a vendor who sells Trade Supplies, though. If you have too much Blasting Powder, you could use Fel Iron Bomb instead, but be careful because you'll still need more after that.
Level 320 – 325: Fel Iron Musket- Combine some Fel Iron Bolts, Fel Iron Casing, and Heavy Stock to make Fel Iron Musket.
Level 325 – 335: Adamantite Grenade- Use Adamantite Bar, Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, and Elemental Blasting Powder to make Adamantite Grenade.
Level 335 - 350: While Smoke Flare- Most of this will be green, so this number is just a rough estimate.
This group of people sells the recipe. Wind Trader Lathrai is the closest to Shattrath City. It's a limited-quantity item, so if someone brings it to you, you'll have to wait for it to respawn or look for other NPCs who sell the recipe.

Level 350 - 375: Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts and Volatile Blasting Trigger- You will need about 50 Handful of Cobalt Bolts and 24 Volatile Blasting Triggers later. If you make these right now, you should get to 375 or more.
When you craft a Handful of Cobalt Bolts, you can get either one or three bolts, and when you craft a Volatile Blasting Trigger, you will get two.
-35 handfuls of cobalt bolts = 70 cobalt bars
-14x Volatile Blasting Trigger: 42 Cobalt Bars, 14 Crystallised Water
Note: In Northrend, there are more ways to level up your Engineering skill. The first one is between 370 and 385, looks easy, but you need to think about it carefully. If you only make the Volatile Blasting Trigger and the Overcharged Capacitor, it might take fewer bars than if you also made the Hammer Pick, but the Overcharged Capacitor recipe turns green on a lower level than the Hammer Pick recipe.
So, if you don't make the Hammer Pick, you might end up using more bars than if you had just picked it from the start.

Level 375 – 380: Overcharged Capacitor- Mix Cobalt Bar and Crystallised Earth, and make Overcharged Capacitor.
Level 380 – 385: Hammer Pick- Transform Cobalt Bar into Hammer Pick.
Level 385 – 390: Explosive Decoy- Volatile Blasting Trigger + Frostweave Cloth = Explosive Decoy.
Level 390 – 400: Froststeel Tube- Cobalt Bar + Crystallised Water = Froststeel Tube.
Level 400 – 405: Diamond-cut Refractor Scope- Combine Cobalt Bolts and Froststeel Tube to make Diamond-cut Refractor Scope.

Level 405 – 410: Box of Bombs- Volatile Blasting Trigger + Saronite Bar = Box of Bombs.
Level 410 – 415: Mammoth Cutters- Volatile Blasting Trigger + Saronite Bar = Mammoth Cutters.
Level 415 – 425: Saronite Razorheads- Transform Saronite Bar into Saronite Razorheads.
Level 425 – 430: Mechanised Snow Goggles- Saronite Bar + Borean Leather + Eternal Shadow = Mechanised Snow Goggles.
Level 430 – 435: Noise Machine- Take Cobalt Bolts, Froststeel Tube, and an Overcharged Capacitor, and mix them together to make Noise Machine.
Level 435 – 448: Gnomish Army Knife- Take Saronite Bar, Skinning Knife, Blacksmith Hammer, and Mining Pick, combine them to make Gnomish Army Knife.

Level 448–449: Northrend Wormhole Generator- Make your Wormhole Generator: Northrend by putting together a Titanium Bar, Eternal Shadow, Eternal Water, Eternal Fire, and Eternal Air.
You'll make your Epic Engineering helmet for your last level. All of the choices are listed below, and each one needs a different mix of Eternal elements and Rare gems. An Alchemist can buy these, mine them, or change them into something else.

Titanium Bar, Heavy Borean Leather, and Frozen Orb are the only materials that are the same between these pieces, and they are all on the list of materials. You are in charge of the decision and the rest of the materials.
Level 449-450: Make Any Epic Level Helmet

Endgame Engineering

Engineering manufactures BiS ammo, sights, and pre-raiding ranged weaponry in the endgame. Engineers can make Heartseeker Scope, Armour Plated Combat Shotgun, and Nesingwary 4000.
Gnomish Engineers can learn Iceblade Arrow from Frindle Whistlesteam in Dalaran; Goblin Engineers can learn Shatter Rounds from Didi the Wrench.

Two new motorbike ground mounts can also be made. Each recipe is available after your faction's Northrend contingent becomes Exalted. Schematic: Mechano-hog requires Exalted with Horde Expedition, and Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper requires Exalted with Alliance Vanguard.
All engineers learn Schematic: Jeeves. This BoP recipe can be obtained on Salvaging the Mechanical monsters in Ulduar and other mechs in Northrend. Jeeves is an essential part of any Engineer's toolset for dungeons, raids, and farming.

End Note
Bingo! Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this comprehensive engineering guide. Now that you have the profession levelled up, why don’t you focus on the WOTLK Classic Flying guide or the WOTLK classic Paladin Guide, and level up your favourite class among those?